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Leaders who have had the opportunity to attend a Wellesley College program, share their experiences and what the program meant to them.


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I loved the content, I loved the programming. The mindfulness integration, I thought was dynamic. [The delivery of] world-class data... is highly useful to our knowledge base and our application of the knowledge.

Sybil Clark Amuti

Sybil Clark Amuti Overall Experience 2

I want to not only be a better leader, and more effective, but I want to be able to mentor the women I work with to shield them from some of these issues and prevent them from happening in my company.

Melissa Lord

Melissa Lord Hope to Gain

How do we holistically become the strengths of each other and learn how we can incorporate that, so that we can serve everybody on our team holistically as well.

Nicole Roberts Jones

Nicole Roberts Jones Holistic Leader Meaning

I feel more empowered than I did before I [came here]. I have... an action plan that I can make for myself, to move my career in an upwards trajectory. I was feeling a little bit stuck before I started this program, and now I'm feeling... more hopeful on things that I can do.

Stephanie Pfaffmann

Stephanie Pfaffmann Takeaways

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