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Programs are held on Wellesley’s beautiful campus and blend a dynamic, impactful content experience with a holistic/self care component. Days start with optional mindful activities, include healthy choices at mealtimes. Daily lunch breaks offer a guided walk around the lake, and other optional activities. All programs include the mindfulness sessions, network building and relationship development, reflective exercises and action planning.

Women's Leadership for Impact

Today’s leaders must be champions of self, culture, and relationships. Effective leadership requires an understanding of important leader behaviors and practices, informed decision making, and effective presentation of self and strategy. It also calls for embracing an ethos of self-care and inclusion. This program prepares professional women to advance into more senior leadership roles by first growing from the inside out. We do that through understanding and cultivating an effective leadership approach, leveraging diversity and talent, and supporting professional growth with a reflective practice of self-care -- all important keys to success

360 Degree Leadership - Managing in All Directions

Managing others may not be complex . . . but it is certainly not easy.  What often appear to be simple, straightforward principles can be deceptively difficult to implement. Designed for practicing managers, this program focuses on the very practical understanding and application of management principles and teaches the fundamentals of management from different angles – managing oneself, managing organizational life, and managing others (managing upward, downward and sideways). Management is contextual and requires judgment and participants should expect to grapple with ambiguous situations that do not have simple solutions.

Leaning Out® at Wellesley - Coaching for Late Stage Career Women in Transition

In this seminar, female leaders on the cusp of a significant career transition will learn how to take control by standing on the shoulders of their professional selves to envision and purposefully plan their next phase. We’ll identify and talk about the feelings of ambivalence we may have about leaving our externally defined careers behind and launching into a self-defined unknown. We’ll do this through a thorough assessment of each individual’s experiences, skills, interests, knowledge, and closest held values to develop their singularly defined post-career plan. We will define clear action steps and the accountability needed to guide you from your current professional role to your personal “prime time.”

Making Teams Work - Collaborating for Results

There is no doubt that teams can be a highly effective way to address complex challenges – and they are quite often a very challenging way to do work. Few people are trained in how to work in a team of highly diverse individuals, make collective decisions, or manage difficult interactions and as a result, a large number of teams ultimately fail to meet their objective. This program focuses on managing the complexities of working in groups, including work groups, project teams, cross-functional teams, management teams, and virtual teams.  You will learn to work with people with different styles and skill sets, build the collective intelligence of a group, manage cognitive conflict and redirect relationship conflict, how to help a team that is fractious or ‘stuck,’ and how to address the very difficult task of turning around an underperforming team. 

Finding Your Voice - Communicating and Presenting with Influence

Leadership is part performance, and some of the most effective powerful, persuasive speaking comes from techniques based on theater. This course is dedicated to the acquisition of the skills necessary for the effective formulation and delivery of business communication. Using a variety of means of expressions, physical presence, voice, gestures, storytelling, and compelling content, you’ll learn to practical theatrical performance techniques, and apply them to the delivery of argument. Considerable focus will be placed on vocal production, breathing techniques, posture, and placement. The results will be enhanced ability to speak with confidence, impact, and influence.

Media and Virtual Presentation Skills - Controlling the Message

Speaking to the media is a much different skill than any other type of public speaking. A media interview is unlike any other conversation as you have absolutely no control over the context of how your words will be presented to the final audience. The media can present anything you say with their spin.  In this seminar, you will learn how to present your critical message and take control.  You will learn the art of body language, messaging, answer techniques and preparing appropriate quotes.  This seminar is also appropriate for those who present virtually, in webinars and other online formats.

Negotiation Strategies - Key Approaches for Women

Many would agree that there are gendered nuances to the art of negotiation. Some women fail to capitalize on opportunities to negotiate about roles, resources, salary and other important aspects of career success. In fact, negotiating is a critical skill that women have to master in order to be effective as leaders, and for enhanced success in life. This course will teach you how to ask for what you want, and to approach negotiation with confidence and skill.

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