Golf Programs For Women.

Want to find out how women can learn to play golf and to use golf as a business tool?

Hundreds of women have effectively leveraged golf to achieve more success in business. Wellesley offers several options depending on your skill level and desire to dive in and learn.


Golf 101 - Essential Knowledge to Start Saying Yes

Want to get started in golf, but not sure how to take the first step?

This 90-minute session will de-bunk the myths, allay your fears and help you take the next step to get started in golf. Basic overview of terminology, how the game is played and the equipment/clothing needed. We'll partner with your company to offer this workshop at a location of your choice. No golf course necessary! 

Program Fee: Customized, please complete the below request form for details.

Who can best benefit:

Women interested in learning more about golf either to play or be able to discuss it.


Getting in the Game - Fast Track Beginner Golf

Want to get out and play golf, NOW?

This 3-day course gets you ON COURSE on Day 3. Learn to play golf in 6 hours: three days, 2 hours per day (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM). Develop the basic skills of full swing and short game, then get out and play golf. We aim to expose women to the game, then take the plunge – too many women get “stuck” taking on-range lessons, and never get to experience the joy of actually playing golf. Our philosophy is to get on course ASAP before doubts creep in to keep you “off course.” Location: Nehoiden Golf Club at Wellesley College.

Program Fee: $250

Who can best benefit:

Women interested in learning to play golf.


Company Outing - Women, Golf and Business

Want a customized golfing experience?

Host a women’s golf event at Nehoiden Golf Club at Wellesley College. Our “two-track” event offers an option for new or experienced golfers. New golfers participate in a Women, Golf & Business Workshop on the basics of golf plus 90 minutes of instruction. Experienced golfers play a 9-hole scramble. Both tracks reconvene for networking.

Program Fee: Customized, please complete the below request form for details.

Who can best benefit:

New and experienced golfers who would like to attend a relaxed golf outing and clinic at our highly rated course.