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Wellesley has been educating and equipping women for success since 1870. When women are free to learn and cultivate their individual strengths, they go beyond conventional boundaries to forge their own path. When women are encouraged to understand and embrace their individual strengths, they become more fulfilled personally and professionally. With a strong liberal arts focus, we focus on leadership development from the inside out, looking at the whole person.  

Our executive education model, designed exclusively for women, taps into the power that exists within us by identifying and cultivating critical leadership skills and behaviors on a foundation of personal reflection and mindfulness. By applying a liberal arts lens to the practice of leadership, our approach integrates communication strategies, critical thinking, data driven decision-making and intentionality.  In our inspired, retreat-like lakeside campus, we facilitate gender-based leadership discussions as only Wellesley College can, and we teach women how to engage, energize and excel.  As a result, our participants return to work ready to navigate new challenges and create a lasting impact.

Our Professional development approach cultivates:

  • Confidence and self-knowledge needed to pursue your goals.
  • Powerful networking and collaboration with like-minded-women.
  • New insights through thoughtful reflection and discussion against the backdrop of a beautiful campus setting.
  • Exploration of new approaches and creative solutions.
  • A personal action plan to make an immediate impact.

gain the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Identify and cultivate your personal leadership style.
  • Lead and work in a team.
  • Navigate and understand gender-based communication preferences.
  • Employ data-driven decision making and problem solving.
  • Leverage diversity.
  • Exercise authority and influence.
  • Communicate and present with impact.

We empower, inspire and encourage whole person leadership for women. Our approach and learning environment elevates talent in women, leading to better business performance and higher levels of productivity as well as increased engagement within the organizations they work.

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