Confident Consensus-Building.

What holds us back from asking for what we want?

How do you advocate for yourself, for your team, and for your organization?

When is it time to negotiate, and what should you ask for?

What is your negotiation style? How can you make it more effective?

If there is one skill that proves demanding for many women, it’s negotiation. Often, we are reluctant to seize opportunities to negotiate our roles, the resources we need, how to accomplish objectives, or compensation. However, negotiation is a critical skill for us to be effective leaders and to achieve the success we seek. Negotiation Strategies is designed to specifically address the unique negotiation challenges of women leaders and provide clear, workable strategies to negotiate with confidence and get results.  All Wellesley Executive Education programs end with our signature action planning activity, designed to energize you for action and impact so you can begin improving your outcomes immediately.


Who can best benefit:

Women at all levels can benefit from strengthening their negotiating skills and ability to recognize and seize opportunities.

What We'll Explore

  • What are your unique negotiation challenges as a woman?
  • How do you use negotiation as an effective problem-solving approach?
  • How do you establish the relationships you need to build consensus?
  • What should you look for in recognizing the right time to negotiate?
  • How do you determine what you ask for?
  • What negotiation techniques work when you are negotiating on behalf of yourself, your team, or your organization?

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This course is for:

This course is for: Emerging Leaders, Mid-Career Managers & Senior Leaders

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2-day program on the Wellesley Campus

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Residential: $2,650
(Includes tuition, materials, accommodations, and meals; travel not included)*

Commuter: $2,400
(Includes tuition, materials, and most meals; travel not included)*

* Note: Many employers may help with all or a portion of the costs. For a copy of our employer assistance letter, go here.


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