Executive Education for Women from Wellesley College

Making Teams Work - Collaborating for Results

Key topics include:

  • Team process and dynamics
  • Establishing team norms and psychological safety
  • Sources of conflict on teams
  • How conflict can be beneficial (or destructive) to a team’s success
  • Balancing the desire for team harmony and the need for healthy conflict
  • Strategies and tactics for managing difficult team dynamics

Who Should Attend:

This program is beneficial for someone to currently working in or managing teams who understands the fundamentals of teamwork and wants to deepen their interpersonal and team management skills. Intact, ongoing teams are highly encouraged to attend together.

There is no doubt that teams can be a highly effective way to address complex challenges – and they are quite often a very challenging way to do work. Few people are trained in how to work in a team of highly diverse individuals, make collective decisions, or manage difficult interactions and as a result, a large number of teams ultimately fail to meet their objective. This program focuses on managing the complexities of working in groups, including work groups, project teams, cross-functional teams, management teams, and virtual teams.  You will learn to work with people with different styles and skill sets, build the collective intelligence of a group, manage cognitive conflict and redirect relationship conflict, how to help a team that is fractious or ‘stuck,’ and how to address the very difficult task of turning around an underperforming team. 


Margaret Andrews

Margaret C. Andrews


Margaret Andrews is a seasoned academic and business leader with over twenty years of experience in higher education, business, consulting, and teaching. She has held a variety of senior management positions, has taught and consulted across the globe, and is adept at bringing ideas, people and processes together to innovate and improve results. Ms. Andrews currently runs her own consulting firm, Higher Ed Associates, helping colleges and universities with strategy-related projects and working with diverse organizations to develop talent through customized executive education programs.

Ms. Andrews has worked in senior-level roles in both private industry and education including Vice President of Marketing at Putnam Investments, Associate Dean at Harvard University, Vice Provost of Hull International Business School, and Executive Director at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Throughout her rich career, she has developed a reputation for innovation, excellence, and results. While at MIT Sloan, she brought in the highest number and percentage of female students in MIT Sloan history while consistently claiming the first or second highest employment rate among peer schools. At Hull, she launched an award-winning MBA program blending traditional academic courses with development of managerial soft skills.

Ms. Andrews has an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She is also a graduate of MIT Sloan, where she was named a Seley Scholar – the school's highest honor.

Program Details: 

Length: 3 days

Session Dates: December 2-4, 2019 OR June 17-19, 2020 (Choose one)

Program Fee: $3,300 (includes tuition, materials, and most meals; travel not included)*

*Residential option available for $500 (accommodations at Wellesley College Club or local hotel.)


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