Building Your Life Post-Career.

What’s next after investing decades of your life in a career? 

How do you define your next chapter?

If you’re like many successful professionals, the answer is a very uncharacteristic “I don’t know.”  We often don’t really appreciate how much our life has been focused on work, until we’re facing the next chapter. You may be leaving behind an identity that has been core to your sense of self-worth with no idea of what lies ahead. At this state, it’s perfectly normal for high-achieving confident women to become unfocused, fearful and, perhaps for the first time in their lives, unsure of how to proceed. Others may be excited at the prospect of an end to their demanding and hectic work environment. Even so, they’re not sure of how to craft that next chapter. Wherever you fall in this spectrum, Leaning Out is designed to help you clearly envision and act on building your life post-career. It’s not a time to retire, but to “rewire” and thrive.



Who can best benefit:

Leaning Out is specifically designed for later-stage career women who are ready to define their post-career purpose and what success looks like.


  • What are your opportunities and challenges as you look forward?
  • What are your underlying feelings about your transition?
  • How have you demonstrated success in the past?
  • What are the key factors in defining what's meaningful to you?
  • What are your skills, interests and values?
  • What is your unique strategic advantage and where does it meet emerging needs?
You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts on key transition areas and connect with like-minded women for support and insight as you formulate your transition plan.

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This course is for:

This course is for: Senior Leaders


Session Leaders

Trisha Wheaton | Wellesley College
Trisha Wheaton,
Principal and Founder of Leaning Out
Marge Waters | Wellesley College
Marge Waters,
Coach, Consultant, Author & Entrepreneur

Program Details

1-day program on the Wellesley Campus

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  • June 8, 2020 (cancelled)

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Commuter: $1,300
(Includes tuition, materials, and meals; travel not included)


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