Command. Present. Influence.

How do you craft compelling content and command the room?

What does storytelling have to do with good business?

What message does your body language send?

What does your natural voice sound like?

We’ve all been there, struggling to find the words and confidence we need to communicate our thoughts. We may see and feel something clearly, but effectively conveying our message to others is something wholly different. This is especially true of women, who are often encouraged to speak “softly” and to artificially tone down their communication style. Now, imagine your voice as an instrument with a unique tone and exceptional impact that is yours alone. The challenge is uncovering your true voice and learning how to effectively use it. 

From informal morning exercises to a practice presentation in the afternoon, Finding Your Voice leverages techniques drawn from the theater to uncover your natural, true voice in order to help you craft compelling presentations by incorporating physical as well as verbal tools and techniques you need for maximum impact.

After taking the program, you will be ready for your next presentation or key meeting.  All Wellesley Executive Education programs end with our signature action planning activity, designed to energize you for action and impact so you can begin improving your outcomes immediately.

*Note: You will be asked to bring workout wear for the morning with a change of clothing for the afternoon’s presentation.


Who can best benefit:

Professional women at every level will benefit from the process of uncovering their authentic voice and refining their presentation and communication skills. Our unique theater-based approach effectively employs voice, physical presence, expression, and compelling content to command and hold your audience.

What We'll Explore

  • What does your natural voice sound like? 
  • How do you make your voice project and convey authority?
  • What techniques can you use to give your communication greater impact?
  • What skills will help you think and communicate quickly and effectively?
  • How can you effectively incorporate storytelling into your business communication?
  • What does your non-verbal communication say, and how can you make sure you are using it to your best advantage?

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This course is for:

This course is for: Emerging Leaders, Mid-Career Managers & Senior Leaders

Session Leaders

Diego Arciniegas | Wellesley College
Diego Arciniegas,
Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies

Program Details

1-day program on the Wellesley Campus

session dates: (Choose One)

  • Dates TBD

your investment:

Commuter: $1,300
(Includes tuition, materials, and most meals; travel not included)*

* Note: Many employers may help with all or a portion of the costs. For a copy of our employer assistance letter, go here.


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