Managing in All Directions.

How do you effectively balance organizational, team, individual, and self needs?

What are your unique strengths and challenges as a woman leader?

How do you influence others when you aren’t the “boss?”

How do you develop emotional intelligence?

Whether you are already performing in a leadership position or are contemplating future challenges, 360-Degree Leadership is designed to help you navigate the complex world of balancing competing demands. When you understand and can apply fundamental management principles and how they apply to different professional and personal needs, you can confidently manage organizational life, others, and yourself (or as we say, upward, downward, and sideways).  All Wellesley Executive Education programs end with our signature action planning activity, designed to energize you for action and impact so you can begin improving your outcomes immediately.


Who can best benefit:

Emerging leaders and mid-career managers who want to increase their emotional intelligence, confidence and skill set in understanding and managing the multiple and complex demands of the workplace, others, as well as their own needs.


  • How can you manage your boss, your team, and your colleagues more effectively?
  • What are examples of different work styles, and how can you best leverage them for team satisfaction and performance?
  • How do you lead for long-term results?
  • What is emotional intelligence (EI), how is it exercised, and how can you build your own EI skillset?
  • How do you effectively exercise influence with or without authority?
  • How do you translate individual strengths into effective group leadership strategies that get results?

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This course is for:

This course is for: Emerging Leaders & Mid-Career Managers


Session Leaders

Margaret C. Andrews | Wellesley College
Margaret C. Andrews,

Program Details

3-day program on the Wellesley Campus

session dates: (Choose One)

  • October 27 - 29, 2020 (cancelled)

your investment:
Residential: $3,800
(Includes tuition, materials, accommodations, and meals; travel not included)*

Commuter: $3,300
(Includes tuition, materials, and most meals; travel not included)*

* Note: Many employers may help with all or a portion of the costs. For a copy of our employer assistance letter, go here.


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